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Little Rock Connections: The Good News for Today
August 2016

We often hear from LRSS friends about how much they are benefitting from their LRSS studies. Feel free to call, send an email or stop by a conference exhibit to share your experience with us. Here are some comments we received recently.

Why Little Rock Rocks

Sharon Bengel
Incarnation Parish
Centerville, Ohio

Incarnation’s Wednesday night Bible Study group has been using Little Rock Scripture Study for at least 20 years. My first experience was in the fall of 2008 when I joined the group to study Revelation. Since then, God has done a tremendous amount of revealing in my life and in that of my fellow parishioners. We have prayed babies into existence. We have eased the pain of each other’s losses. We enjoy the healing power of laughter and most importantly we know God’s love.

What we love about the Little Rock format is how open it is to what members of our group need on any given Wednesday in any given session. We have a rule. If you didn’t do the “homework,” come anyway. Everyone has something to contribute from their unique story. Our discussions are completely organic and we almost never get through all 18 questions. The questions, the reading, the Scripture notes, the footnotes in the amazing Little Rock Catholic Study Bible will so often spark a story or a member’s need to talk that we just keep going. As a result, we enjoy genuine Christian fellowship and we love it.

We now number 20 to 25 people depending on schedules. Our group is quite diverse with an age range of 27 to 82, a balance of men and women, more converts than cradle Catholics and a wide range of professions and backgrounds. We have one member who remembers when our current church was a vacant lot, and one who was baptized this past Easter Vigil.

Little Rock’s materials have allowed us to create a fellowship that meets each of us where we are on our faith journey. Each piece touches each of us in a different way and each study reveals something new to everyone. The Bible is both accessible and awe-inspiring. Through our time with Bible Study at Incarnation, we have found out how correct St. Paul was: “God will fully supply whatever you need, in accord with his glorious riches in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).

Thank you, Little Rock, for being part of God’s supply chain.

Free Articles Provide Good Discussion

Elizabeth A. Picard
Our Lady of the Angels
Allen, Texas

We have been using LRSS at Our Lady of Angels parish in Allen, Texas about 13 years. Because the attendees of our Wednesday night group change some each year, we have rotated through all of the primary studies (Exodus, Acts, Gospels, etc.) several times, and have done most of the additional studies. Once we went through the entire book of Psalms, accompanying as many of the Psalms as possible with musical arrangements that were available for download at various online sites. Several times we have finished up our study of Exodus with a Seder Supper.

Our group mostly consists of busy people who work during the day and like the “school year” type of structure with summer and Christmas off. Because LRSS studies vary in length, we often find ourselves looking for something to fill in the schedule gaps for two or three weeks. I looked for that on your website and was delighted to find the free articles. We used two of them per evening along with the questions provided, and they prompted a lot of good discussion. I especially liked that they were basic topics that also filled in knowledge gaps for those who have joined at different times. They were well-written and scholarly, and we’ve enjoyed using them.

Find out more about Alive in the Word, a new generation of Bible resources for Catholics to use personally or in groups. 

A Biblical Year of Mercy
Download a monthly article and reflection questions for free use in your parishes; link to your parish website; send them to friends. Available in English and in Spanish.

Susan McCarthy, RDC will be exhibiting LRSS materials at the Rockville Center
Catechetical Congress on September 17, 2016. 

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