Alive in the Word–A New Generation of Bible Resources for Catholics

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July 2016

Alive in the Word

Alive in the Word–A New Generation of Bible Resources for Catholics

Cackie Upchurch
The challenge and opportunity for all believers is to stay open to the lead of the Holy Spirit. What new thing might God be doing within and among us? How do we respond to the fresh breeze of God’s always energizing life?

These are questions that we keep before us here at LRSS as we pray and work together to provide materials inviting people to a deep experience of Christ through the words of the Bible. Over the past several years, behind the scenes, we have been gathering information and listening to the needs that many of you have expressed to us. In the mix, we kept feeling the nudge of God’s Spirit to develop additional materials with a slightly different twist. Alive in the Word is the fruit of this listening and working and praying.

You’ll notice in this series …
  • A more immediate focus on biblical spirituality and application to how we live.
  • A clear focus on a topic of interest with three reflections for each topic.
  • The ability to use the material on your own or with others in a group setting.
  • A simple and colorful presentation style that is engaging.
  • The invitation to understand, pray with and act on the insights from key Bible passages.
For many active adults all across the range of ages, time is often in short supply. That doesn’t mean they cannot grow their faith. We offer something of value for those who may never join a group or those in groups who cannot make a long commitment. These materials, though brief, pack a powerful punch.

In focus groups around the country we asked for honest and clear feedback after using the material and here’s what we heard: fresh, engaging, transformative, exciting, applicable, and inviting. We hope you will pick up a copy and see for yourself. And then imagine the people in your parish community who might want to make use of this material in their own lives – perhaps people who have never been to your Bible study group. Put it in their hands and see what happens.

In this first year we are developing titles in three categories.

Cloud of Witnesses
Mary, Favored by God–Catherine Upchurch–Now Available
Sarah & Hagar, Women of Promise–Irene Nowell, OSB–July 2016
Paul, Proclaiming Christ Crucified–Ronald D. Witherup, PSS–October 2016
Moses, Called and Equipped–Catherine Upchurch–October 2016
John the Baptist, Forerunner–Jerome Kodell, OSB–January 2017

Virtues for Disciples
Trust, Confidence in the God of Salvation–John Craghan–Now Available
Mercy: God’s Nature, Our Challenge–Laura Kelly Fanucci–July 2016
Hope–Janet SchaefflerApril 2017

Seasons of Our Lives
An Empty Nest–Tom Sauline–April 2017

More titles are in the works for each of these categories, plus we will explore other categories as we move forward: Liturgical Seasons, Connecting with the Sacraments, Gleanings from the Gospels, and Biblical Images. Pricing is quite reasonable.

It’s an exciting time. We want you to be a part of this – continue using our standard Little Rock Scripture Study offerings that we know you treasure, but think of ways you might use these shorter 3-session Alive in the Word offerings in the summer months or other “between” times. Reach out to people who may never join a more formal group and gift them with a title they might want to explore on their own. Think about younger adults in your parishes and pass on this information to them as well.

Come, Holy Spirit, and continue to stir in us a desire to encounter Christ, to grow, to be transformed, and to live as people of the Good News.

Plan to use our newest study, Panorama of the Old Testament, in your parish or small faith community. The commentary is written by Stephen J. Binz and wrap-up lectures are delivered by Tom Jakobs, Catherine Upchurch, and Clifford M. Yeary. In five sessions, your group will explore the overarching plan of salvation that weaves its way through the stories and characters of the books of the Old Testament. Available now.

Our popular study of The Infancy Narratives of Jesus has been revised and will be available later this month. You will notice some slight changes in the text of the commentary and Study Guide, with a complete new set of lectures delivered by Judy Hoelzeman, Betsy Wiederkehr Huss, Catherine Upchurch, and Clifford Yeary. 4 sessions.

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