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July 2018


Little Rock Scripture Study

Cackie Upchurch

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it would be like if something you already love could be experienced differently? A job you appreciate? A relationship you cherish? A hobby that is life-giving? Maybe seeing it with new eyes, reimagining what you already love, so that it offers you an even greater appreciation. This is the work of imagination—to ask the “what if” questions and then have the energy and courage and joy to give it a try.

We’ve been asking some “what if” questions here at Little Rock Scripture Study.

  1. What if we could provide easier access to the same high quality content we provide already?
  2. What if we could help people commit to Bible study by offering shorter time commitments?
  3. What if we could ensure that all groups had access to the video or audio lectures?
  4. What if we could deliver the print materials in one book, making it easier to handle and easier to offer bulk pricing?

Our “what ifs” have become “why not”!

Beginning in August with the publication of Luke Part One and Luke Part Two, you will see the fruits of our imagining and our laboring and we hope it will be fruitful for you and those around you who turn to the Bible for ongoing formation as disciples.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • One handy book to carry along with your Bible.
  • Layout that is easy to follow.
    • Scripture
    • Commentary by Catholic scholar
    • Additional comments of interest
    • Fewer questions than previous editions—focused and meaty
    • Opening and closing prayer
  • Free access to online video or audio lectures.
  • Each volume is six sessions or less.

By December we will have the following studies also available for you:

   The Sermon on the Mount

   Panorama of the Old Testament

   Genesis Part One and Genesis Part Two

In 2019 another six or more offerings will be available. So, this is an exciting time and a time of transition. If you’re already using Little Rock Scripture Study, we will have the current materials (Study Sets and lectures on DVD and CD) available during the transition as long as supplies last. We want to make sure we can meet your needs so stay in touch!

So, imagine along with us … in fact, REimagine how your Bible study might be more inviting, manageable, and effective.

Cackie Upchurch is the director of Little Rock Scripture Study and has enjoyed years of working with lay Catholics to make the Bible accessible in a way that also honors its depth and meaning.


We’re excited to announce two new titles for our Alive in the Word series:

Paul, Pastoring God's People Paul, Pastoring God’s People helps us to open up the contributions of Paul from the viewpoint of his pastoral responsibilities in the early church. The author, John W. Martens, is not only a Scripture professor in a Catholic university and seminary, but he is actively involved in ministry in his parish in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. This volume highlights the characteristics of Paul’s ministry that made him effective and still challenge us today in our own communities.

From Home to Home From Home to Home: Finding Meaning in Mobility is the work of Justin Huyck, pastoral associate and director of parish adult faith formation in Ohio and regional representative to the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership. This volume is perfect for so many of us who find ourselves moving from one location to another. It offers us the opportunity to rethink the ways we connect with others and find meaning in the very process of moving and resettling.

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